CincyHacks is a 24-hour event where dozens of high schoolers will come together to build apps & games. We’ll provide workshops to get started and mentors to help out, then the next morning, judges will pick the best projects to win prizes.

Working together with a team (maximum team size 4), you will have 24 hours to create something: website, app, game, anything. You’ll then present your creation to a panel of judges.

No worries if you’ve never coded before—we provide workshops to help you get started.

Make new friends and recieve awesome swag, all for free! Games and activities are planned to give your mind (and fingers!) a break.


Anyone currently (2020-21 school year) in high school (9th to 12th grade) can participate.


Please submit all of the code and assets for your project, preferably including a link to a functional demo of your project. Submissions must follow our Code of Conduct, be original work, and be created between 10:30 AM February 27th, 2021 and 10:30 AM February 28th, 2021.

Presentations and Judging

  • Presentations are 3 minutes long (no longer!)
  • Judged on learning, functionality, innovation, and applicability
  • Talk about:
    • What you learned
    • How you thought of the idea
    • How your idea is applicable to the real world (What problem does it solve? Is there a market demand for it?)
  • Show a demo of your project if possible to get points for functionality

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$620 in prizes

Best Startup - Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

Revolutionaries are the ones who change the game, how are you going to do it? This prize goes to hackers who can solve or pitch a solution to a problem with their programs!

Most Complex - Raspberry Pi Kit

Show us a project that will toggle with our minds, through brilliant software or hardware. We're looking for skillful programming and using your coding tools in interesting ways!

Best Social Impact - JBL FLIP Speaker

Technology is created to make our lives easier. How can you build up society? The winners of this category will create a project that improves the lives of those around them.

Best Game - Turtle Beach Headset

From the depths of Mario to top of Minecraft, build a game that won't let you put down the controller. The most entertaining and creative games will win this prize!

Most Popular - Nintendo Switch Lite

Not a category you will enter into, but one that you will surely want to win. Participants will vote on their favorite other team's project, and that project will win!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Selynna Sun

Selynna Sun
Software Engineer, Twitter

Michael Richardson

Michael Richardson
SEO Tech Lead, Kroger and Developer Community Organizer

Matt Scherocman

Matt Scherocman
President and Co-Founder, Interlink Cloud Advisors

Michael Heinen

Michael Heinen
Customer Platform Operations Manager, Cengage

Izzi Bikun

Izzi Bikun
Senior API Solutions Engineer, Kroger

Beth Howard

Beth Howard
Director of Retail Industry, Microsoft

Judging Criteria

  • Learning
  • Functionality
  • Applicability
  • Innovation

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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